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To Real or Not to Real

Choosing between faux and real flowers for a wedding involves weighing pros and cons. Real flowers boast natural beauty, symbolic significance, fragrance, organic appeal, personalization options, and photography benefits. However, faux flowers may not be as budget-friendly as perceived, lack fragrance, have an artificial appearance, offer limited variety, and pose environmental concerns. Couples should consider their budget, aesthetic preferences, and priorities to decide what will make their wedding day truly special. Susanne leans towards real flowers, emphasizing their unique charm.

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Clearly a Black & White matter

Clearly a Black & White Matter

Black and white modern weddings are increasingly popular, offering an elegant and timeless aesthetic adaptable to various styles. This classic color scheme simplifies coordination, creating a cohesive and polished look across invitations, decor, and attire. It serves as a versatile backdrop, allowing vibrant accents or metallic touches to enhance visual interest. The simplicity of the color scheme streamlines guest dress codes, while its adaptability suits both minimalist and elaborate wedding styles. Ultimately, black and white weddings exude sophistication, making them a practical and stylish choice. Susanne encourages creativity within this classic theme.

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Should weddings be timeless?

Should Weddings Be Timeless?

Choosing wedding colors involves embracing personal preferences and style, challenging the notion of a “timeless wedding.” A photographer friend’s insight prompted reflection on the uniqueness of each wedding, emphasizing that it should evoke memories specific to the couple. While factors like season and venue may influence color choices, the ultimate decision rests on what resonates with the couple’s vision and happiness. Whether opting for classic tones or bold hues, the key is creating a celebration that reflects the couple’s love and commitment. Susanne encourages individuality in color selection.

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What’s Up Next? Trendspotting

For Fall 2023 and beyond, wedding trends are shifting towards sustainability, with couples incorporating eco-friendly decor elements. Smaller weddings and elopements are on the rise, fostering intimate and personalized spaces in unconventional venues. Non-traditional seating arrangements, statement ceilings, bold colors, and unique palettes are gaining popularity. Texture and mixed materials, as well as less common trends like mismatched bridesmaid dresses, are emerging. The evolving wedding landscape encourages couples to prioritize personal style over fleeting trends. Susanne emphasizes the importance of staying true to one’s preferences.

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