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Love is timeless, but wedding trends and styles are not. What are we seeing for Fall 2023 and beyond?

  • Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Decor: With an increasing focus on sustainability, couples are incorporating eco-friendly elements into their wedding decor. This includes using recycled or repurposed materials, opting for locally sourced flowers and foliage, and reducing waste through thoughtful design choices.
  • Elopements and Microweddings: Whether it’s because of Covid, changing generational values, or any combination of variables, weddings are trending smaller these days. Couples are inviting far fewer people and sometimes spending more per head for the guests they do invite.
  • Intimate and Personalized Spaces: As weddings become more intimate and less traditional, couples are creating unique spaces that reflect their personalities and interests. Church weddings become less and less common each year as unconventional spaces become more popular. Locally, places like Sunset Coffee Building, Ronin Art House, and Lawless Spirits & Kitchen are growing in popularity. This can also include unique dress codes, interactive installations, and thematic decor elements that tell their love story.
  • Non-Traditional Seating Arrangements: Couples are moving away from traditional seating arrangements and exploring more creative options. This includes lounge areas with comfortable seating, mix-and-match seating, and unconventional seating arrangements such as circular or runway setups.
  • Statement Ceilings: Instead of focusing solely on table centerpieces, couples are paying more attention to the overhead space. Statement ceilings adorned with hanging installations, cascading floral arrangements, or intricate lighting fixtures can create a breathtaking visual impact and transform the entire venue.
  • Bold Colors and Unique Palettes: While neutral color palettes have been popular, bold and vibrant colors are making a comeback. Also look for monochromatic citrus colors, jewel tones, all the pink, and unexpected combos like green and orange.
  • Texture and Mixed Materials: Incorporating different textures and mixed materials can add depth and visual interest to wedding decor. Elements like textured linens, velvet accents, metallic finishes, and natural fibers bring extra interest to the overall look. Antique and unique tableware rental services are becoming less hard to find.

Things you might see less of:

  • Boho style with only dried elements such as pampas grass. Look instead for pampas as a small accent to other fresh or dried florals.
  • Perfectly round, manicured flowers. Keep an eye out instead for wild or organically styled bouquets and arrangements; reflexed or otherwise manipulated blooms is also a growing trend.
  • Harlow stands or raised elements. Look ahead for hanging elements or more low, romantic centerpieces.
  • Matching bridesmaids dresses. We’re seeing more mismatched dresses, either in color, style, or both.

Wedding trends evolve slowly, but consistently. But aren’t we glad poufy sleeves and those 80’s bridal headdresses have gone bye bye! Don’t let changing trends sway the styles and tastes you want to explore for your wedding. The only rule left is do what you & your partner want!

XOXO, Susanne

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